April 16-20, UNIMED, ONDO

IACUC National Workshop 2024

Early Bird Remains - 31/01/2024

Raising the Bar: Laboratory Animal Holding Facility – Minimal essential configuration (MEC) and SOPs in a developing country

Welcome ACURET Principal

ACURET.ORG previously conducted a ‘Train the Trainers’ Workshop on the establishment of a properly constituted and functionally effective Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees/Animal Ethics Committees (IACUC/AEC) in Universities and Research Institutions in Nigeria with an animal holding premises. The Workshop, held at the IITA Conference Center, Ibadan in October 2019, concluded with eight (8) point recommendations to all Nigerian Universities, to enable them to achieve quality assurance in animal-based experimentation, the first of which was that “Every Institution with an animal holding facility should ensure an oversight function for the welfare of the animals in their facility.” Two Universities have reported the establishment of their AEC based upon the training gained by their delegates.

This workshop is a sequel, to train oversight committee members from Nigerian and other African Universities on strategic innovations on the configuration of lab animal facilities for basic internal and external accreditation and efficiency to achieve quality assurance in animal-based experimentations. It is set to hold in the Pioneer Specialized Medical Institution in Nigeria, setting the pace in Innovative and strategic medical training and practice across the country - University of Medical Sciences, Ondo City, Nigeria. The Training will be held in the University’s new TETFUND Auditorium with AV conference facilities (seating 200 -250 participants) along with side rooms for breakout sessions and an animal holding facility which participants should be able to visit (after consultations with the host institution).

At the close of the Training Program, participants will appreciate the relationship between good animal welfare and good science; become aware of guides, regulations and policies in animal care and use suggestible to their respective institutions for consideration for adoption, apply safety practices in animal handling and be able to advice/promote the establishment a well constituted Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)/Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) for their institution and function efficiently where appointed.


Animal Care and Use in Research, Education and Testing (ACURET) creates the awareness and promotes understanding of humane animal care and use for scientific purposes in developing countries through its Directorate of Forum, Training and Education [FTE] that is responsible for the development and delivery of customed designed training programmes to meet the requirement and experience of different categories of animal handlers. These programmes are being implemented in phases, resulting in students and teachers learning why we are and should be concerned about the humane care and use of animals in research; the ethics of animal use; laws, regulations, and policies affecting the care and use of animals in research, education and testing; animal pain and distress from biological, ethical, and legal perspectives; importance of husbandry and the animal environment and basics of choosing an animal model for an experiment.


When Will Start

April 16th to 20th, 2024

Where is location

University of Medical Sciences Ondo City, Ondo State