Prof. Olumide Ogundahunsi
Professor of Pharmacology & Therapeutics




It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Office of Research Innovation and Development (ORID) of the University of Medical Sciences’ webpage and look forward to working with you in addressing your research support needs.


Research, innovation, and development are central to the success and recognition of a university as not only a citadel of quality education but also an incubator of ideas, provider of solutions and catalyst for development and economic growth.


The ORID was established in January 2019 to provide the highest level of research support to the university community.  With a vision to facilitate the emergence of UNIMED as a thriving medical and health sciences University, ORID aims to position UNIMED locally, nationally and internationally to be recognized for excellence and innovation in health education and research, with ability to translate research findings into action for the improvement of health.


ORID is committed to provide support for researchers in the University and facilitate inert alia


·         grant opportunities


·         development research proposal


·         submission of grant applications


·         acquisition of domain relevant research skills


·         capacity building in research project planning and implementation


·         linkages and partnerships with high performance universities and research institutions.


How can ORID support my research?


The office provides research support to the university community through 3 main areas of activities:

i.     Strategic support and advice to the university on research policies and agenda: to facilitate the implementation of the University research Policy.


ii.      Research Grant Development and Management support: to provide support in the development and submission of grant applications as well as guidance in the management of projects in line with the policies of the university and the funding organization.


iii.      Capacity building: to provide continuing education and skill building for university staff in research domains such as implementation research, clinical trials, clinical research, epidemiology, molecular biology as well as Biostatistics, qualitative research methods, bioethics, Good Clinical Practice. Good Laboratory Practice and proposal development.


The ORID team includes the Deputy director, a Research Administrator and Accountant.  ORID can be reached by e-mail at: research@unimed.edu.ng


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