Mary I. Edward
RN, RM, B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D
Ag. H.O.D

Over the last few months, I have the opportunity to be part of such an outstanding and committed Faculty of Nursing Science which is dedicated to excellence, innovation, and visionary leadership in nursing education. University of Medical Sciences (UNIMED) is a unique academic health science institution built on the teacher-practitioner model, integrating medical education with practice and research.


The goal of the Department of Adult Health Nursing which comprises of Medical, Surgical, and Mental Health Psychiatric Nursing is to provide a strong scientific framework that supports the personal and professional development of our students and faculty at large. The department in collaboration with other departments in the faculty works towards producing graduates who are transformational nursing leaders with clinical and research expertise and capabilities to improve healthcare at all levels.

The Department of Adult Health Nursing has highly qualified and experienced academicians, researchers and clinicians from various disciplines such as Nursing Education, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Geriatric and Gerontology Nursing, Critical and Intensive Care Nursing; with, expertise in the training of competent nursing graduates. Likewise, the Department is renowned for its learner-centered teaching, clinical expertise, mentoring through the professional cadre, and sharing of knowledge as published authors at the local and international journals.

As you journey through your pursuit of a career in Nursing through Faculty of Nursing, vis -a- vis the Department of Adult Nursing, you will find your passion, you will meet professional mentors, doctors, professors who will challenge you. Though the journey is challenging you will find it interesting and rewarding at the end of the day if you study hard. Then you will be able to impart the world positively.


Mary Idowu Edward Ph.D. RN

Acting Head, Department of Adult Health Nursing


In accordance with the overarching goal of the University and the Faculty of Nursing Science, the main objective of the Department is to promote high quality education, service and research in adult health nursing. The specific objectives of the Department are:

1.   To prepare professional nurses with ability to apply knowledge gained in giving qualitative Nursing Care to patients in hospital, families, schools and communities.


2.   To enable students to develop clinical reasoning, judgment and expertise in specialties, uses of technologies, and other essential elements in learning at high standards.


3.   To provide professional nurses with opportunities for advanced professional development in different areas of adult health through responsive nursing education


4.   To promote research for evidence-based nursing practice and reforms, towards further improving adult health in the country and globally. 


5.   Build the potentials of the nursing students as key contributors to clinical and educational areas through a scalable platform for building knowledge. 


6.   Utilize clinical skill lab at an optimum level in meeting the needs of the students and the curriculum.


7.   Facilitate planned timely ongoing faculty education to create learning and research experiences for identified needs and demands of the curriculum.



Bachelor of Nursing Science Degree (BNSc)


NAME: Ajibade Omowumi Suuru
DESIGNATION: Principal Clinical Instructor
E-MAIL: oajibade@unimed.edu.ng
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NAME: Adeola Oluwakemi Elizabeth
QUALIFICATION: Master of Science in Nursing (MSc),BNSc,PGDE
E-MAIL: oadeola@unimed.edu.ng
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NAME: Adewoyin Folasade Rukayat
QUALIFICATION: BNSc,Post Graduate Diploma in Education,MSc in Nursing
E-MAIL: fadewoyin@unimed.edu.ng
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NAME: Bolarinwa Oluwaseun Segun
QUALIFICATION: Masters of Science (MSc.)
E-MAIL: obolarinwa@unimed.edu.ng
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