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Obamuyi Olorunsogo
Head of Internal Audit



Welcome to the Internal Audit Unit at the University of Medical Sciences, Ondo City, Nigeria. Our unit was established under the Vice Chancellor’s office to provide a complete and continuous review of the accounts and records of revenue, expenditure, assets, allocated and unallocated stores in the University.


The Internal Audit functions by measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of internal control system put in place in the University. We are also charged to ensure effective and efficient implementation of management policies in line with existing rules and regulations.


The Principal Internal Auditor, which serves as the Head of Internal Audit Unit, is directly responsible to the Vice Chancellor and regularly provides a detailed report of the accounts and records, and the examination of the systems and procedures in force.

Thank you.


Mr. Olorunsogo OBAMUYI B, SC, MBA, CNA, FIIAN.

Head of Internal Audit.


University of Medical Sciences

Laje Road, Ondo City, Ondo State, Nigeria. PMB 536. E-mail:
Tel: +234-706-957-3618, +234-905-826-3636, +234-811-295-7770,