The Faculty of Dental Sciences at the University of Medical Sciences (UNIMED) located at Ondo City, in Nigeria is one of the seven divisions created in April 2015 when the University was established. The Faculty presently comprises of five departments: Department of Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery, Department of Oral/ Maxillofacial Pathology, Radiology and Oral Medicine, Department of Preventive and Community Dentistry, Department of Child Dental Health and Department of Restorative Dentistry.


The Philosophy of the UNIMED Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree program is to train dental surgeons (dentists) who are educationally and professionally equipped with sufficient knowledge, and skills to interact with patients, evaluate them, arrive at diagnoses and institute appropriate dental treatment at primary and secondary care levels. Our primary goal is to produce discerning dentists who are competent and can perform their defined roles within the health care system and follow the tenets and ethics of their profession.


The Mission of the Faculty of Dental Sciences is to attract a diverse student body and train them to excel in the provision of oral health education at the highest quality of clinical services to meet the need of the community, nation and the world at large.  Strategically positioned and committed to imparting and advancing oral health knowledge as well as oral health care delivery in our immediate community.


The Faculty of Dental Sciences’ Vision is to be a national and international center of excellence in dental education, service, and research.


Our Faculty holds, in high regard, all the core values of the University: Transparency, Efficiency, Accountability, Professionalism, Flexibility and Collaboration and they work hard every day to achieve them. I warmly welcome our students and stakeholders to the Faculty of Dental Sciences.



Dr. A. O. Loto, BDS, FWACS

Acting Dean


1)   To provide access to quality tertiary education in oral health care to deserving candidates in a nation with great unmet needs;

2)   To provide an environment conducive for study, work and living in the University Community;

3)   To incorporate ICT and relevant contemporary economic, social, and financial strategies into the operations of an efficient and effective programme.

4)   To provide services that meets the needs and impact the local community and the nation at large;

5)   To produce excellent graduates, knowledgeable and skillful in the field of   dentistry; who are self-reliant and can compete successfully in the national and international environments;

6)   To provide facilities for and engage in cutting edge research and development activities which are able to project the University and Nation in the light of excellence; and

7)   To offer balanced opportunities to all students regardless of gender, race, ethnicity and any other form of classification.


The Faculty comprises of five departments; and each under a Head of Department as follows:

a.    Department of Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery

b.    Department of Oral/ Maxillofacial Pathology, Radiology and Oral Medicine

c.    Department of Preventive and Community Dentistry

d.   Department of Child Dental Health and

e.   Department of Restorative Dentistry.

To extend deliberately and meaningfully the teaching of the traditional basic biomedical sciences to dental students by including in depth coverage of those topics of special significance and relevance to dentistry.

To use a multidisciplinary approach to the study of oral tissues by the use of basic sciences and clinical sciences teachers.

To provide students with an enhanced understanding (relative to their current level of training) of scientific methodology and critical evaluation of uncomplicated scientific information.

To act as a liaison between the school of dental sciences and other departments in the College of Medicine, so as to avoid omission or duplication of topics deemed essential to dental students.

NAME: lilian Ahaji Ejije
QUALIFICATION: Bchd,Fellowship
DESIGNATION: Senior Lecturer
E-MAIL: lahaji@unimed.edu.ng
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NAME: Soyoye Olabimpe Abigail
E-MAIL: osoyoye@unimed.edu.ng
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NAME: Obe, Olumide Ifedayo
DESIGNATION: Faculty Officer
E-MAIL: oobe@unimed.edu.ng
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