O.V Olagbende (FIIPS)
Chief Security Officer





I want to warmly welcome you to the University of Medical Sciences (UNIMED), Ondo-City, Nigeria, and the Department of Security website. The Department of Security has instituted the necessary measures needed to prevent or neutralize threats against our stakeholders and assets of a young University with a pleasant international reputation and unique academic offerings. This goal is achieved daily through the pro-activeness of our staff towards security matters as they come up without delay. The growing units contained within our Department are: Administrative, Operations, Investigation, Fire and Safety, and Surveillance.


The vision of the Department of Security is to establish an active university campus investigative unit per excellence in the nation in collaboration with our relevant stakeholders within and outside UNIMED to facilitate the level of security alertness, combating crime cases, and to proffer lasting solution on matters of security interest.


 The critical objectives of our department are to:

1.   Ensure that adequate security measures are in place to protect the lives and properties of students, staff as well as visitors within the University.

2.   Conduct active security patrols within and around the university facilities to fast-track the strategy on the protection and safety of lives and properties within the University.

3.   Perform routine security checks at all entry point into the University to restrict the illegal entry of persons and properties within the university campus.

4.   Disseminate security and safety tips to staff and students of this reputable institution.

5.   Install cameras into dark spots and strategic locations within the university campuses.

6.   Facilitate training, re-training, and drill of security personnel/staff for pro-activeness and higher productivity.

7.   Institute measure needed to enforce the University policies and statutes

8.   Investigate all criminal/misdemeanor cases reported

9.   Establish accessible and functional service delivery of units within the security department.

10. Develop a functional fire service unit that facilitates the installation of fire extinguishers and fire vehicles whenever they are available at strategic points within the University to prevent cases of fire outbreaks.

11.    Establish a traffic control unit responsible for the efficient and effective control of both human and vehicular traffic situations to ensure free flow and movement of vehicles and persons within the University.



Yours Sincerely,


O.V Olagbende (FIIPS), Chief Security Officer

University of Medical Sciences

Laje Road, Ondo City, Ondo State, Nigeria.
PMB 536. E-mail: info@unimed.edu.ng
Tel: +234-706-957-3618, +234-905-826-3636