CAPT. Harrison O. Akinfoyewa {Rtd}
Chief Security Officer





The Department of Security of the University of Medical Sciences, Ondo City, happily and heartily wishes to intimate the Institution with the security template of action of its new leadership. It is the plan of the new arrangement to complement the existing security architecture on ground. And to bring to bear new ideas that can further enhance the achievement of the security of lives and property in and around the University environment.

Our vision in this new dispensation is to work assiduously and conscientiously round the clock with all concerned to achieve a peaceful and a hazard free environment for all.

Our mission therefore is to look critically at all existing security arrangements and bring new workable, achievable, do-able and pragmatic initiatives on board to achieve a safe environment for all and sundry.

It must be noted that security is everybody’s business and yet it is indeed the business of some people. It is a team work and it takes a lot of team spirit. This perhaps is the sacred secrets of the tiny ants in building unimaginable ANT-HILLS.


Some of the systematic approaches in this regards are enumerated below;

1. The University Community must develop some level of consciousness about Security. Each member of the community must be his brother’s keeper and watch out for security details.

2.   Everyone must be alive to security matters. It does not matter the level of involvement or engagement, security is seriously the business of all.

3.   Nothing should be taken for granted. This is a very challenging and perilous time and pro-activeness should be our watchword.


It therefore behooves of those assigned to do such duties to observe some security instructions, rules, guidelines and regulations as they apply to their own safety and by implication, the safety of all.

In view of the time we are in, we intend to direct our search-light and attention on the following areas to ensure that security is guaranteed to all, Men and materiel while on the saddle. Our overall vision is to create within the period, a very robust, active, pro-active, pragmatic and achievable security objectives from which to draw our security strength from time to time.


The security operatives must equip themselves with the following security ingredients to be able to function effectively;

i.  They must be disciplined, smart, courteous and obedient to lawful, clear and authorized orders and directives.

ii.    They must be pro-active so as to be able to prevent crime (s).

iii. They must develop the eagle eye to detect un-authorized movement of persons and goods within and around the University premises.

iv.   They must ensure that all registers are appropriately used and incidents properly recorded.

v.     They must be able to protect themselves so as to be able to protect the entire University.

vi.   They must understand traffic control, access control, alarm control and their appropriate responses.

vii.  They must understand escort duties and information or intelligence gathering.

viii.   They must respect the dignity of man at all times without compromising security.

ix.     Above all, they must keep their mouths under control and know when to talk and when to keep silent or quiet.

x.            In all cases where there is doubt or confusion, the operatives MUST report to the headquarter for further action(s).

Conclusively, I remain eternally grateful to the Vice Chancellor, Professor Adesegun Fatusi and his able, indefatigable and indomitable Principal Officers for the opportunity to serve this very active and academically conscious Institution in the capacity of Chief Security Officer (CSO). To the entire University community and by implication the larger house, I say thank you very sincerely. I honestly promise to put in my very best while holding the reins. But I am also aware that there is no middle way grace between hell and paradise; it is either you are in hell or paradise. I can also leverage on one single fact that with your prayers, encouragement and cooperation, even mountain Everest can never be a challenge.                                            

Thank you all and God bless.



CAPT. H. O. Akinfoyewa {Rtd}       


Chief Security Officer

University of Medical Sciences

Laje Road, Ondo City, Ondo State, Nigeria.
PMB 536. E-mail: info@unimed.edu.ng
Tel: +234-706-957-3618, +234-905-826-3636