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Adolphus Odogun Loto
DVC (Admin & Clinical Services)


I heartily and sincerely welcome every visitor to the website page of the Office of Deputy Vice-Chancellor (DVC), Administration and Clinical Services, University of Medical Sciences, Ondo City, Ondo State. The Office of DVC (Administration and Clinical Services) is one of the Administrative Departments of the University; and it is sub-divided into the following sub-units: administrative; health Services; physical planning & works; and animal centre. Each of these sub-units is charged with specific responsibilities or functions as contained in the conditions of service of the University as well as the University of Medical Sciences, Ondo, Law as amended.


The main function of the Office of DVC (Administration and Clinical Services), is to assist the Vice-Chancellor in coordinating the activities of the aforementioned sub-units in relation to other administrative organs of the University structure for efficient and effective running of the general administration of the University. In pursuance of this main function, the Office of DVC (Administration and Clinical Services) is sincerely and deeply committed to the actualization or realization of the functions of the various sub-units within the Office of DVC (Administration and Clinical Services) by ensuring that the activities or functions of these sub-units are performed diligently, efficiently and effectively in compliance with the principles of transparency, effectiveness and accountability (TEA).


Finally, I would like to clearly emphasize that the office of DVC (Administration and Clinical Services) will fervently, assiduously, harmoniously and synergistically work with other administrative and technical Units/Departments in the University for effective and efficient management of the available human and material resources for the attainment of the overall goals of the University.



Professor Adolphus Odogun Loto; BDS, FMCDS, FWACS

DVC, Administration and Clinical Services

University of Medical Sciences

Laje Road, Ondo City, Ondo State, Nigeria. PMB 536. E-mail:
Tel: +234-706-957-3618, +234-905-826-3636, +234-811-295-7770,