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Tiamiyu Adebisi Musefiu
Ag. Director



It is a great pleasure to welcome you all to the University of Medical Sciences (UNIMED), Ondo City, Ondo State, Nigeria as well as to the Students’ Industrial Work Scheme (SIWES) unit of the institution. The unit is headed by a SIWES Coordinator and it also has non-academic supporting staff that are involved in day-to-day administrative activities pertaining to students’ industrial placements within and outside Ondo state. At the Departmental level, there are departmental SIWES Coordinators who are in charge of SIWES activities as well as giving reports to the SIWES Coordinator through their various Heads of Departments.


 SIWES unit works in collaboration with the Industrial Training Fund to ensure that students in science-based courses acquire adequate practical exposure that will enhance their competence and self-reliance after graduation.


The University has set up the Industrial Training/Students Industrial Work Scheme (SIWES) Unit under the Vice Chancellor in the second year (2017) of the University's existence. The Unit is established in line with the educational policy of the Federal Government of Nigeria that makes it compulsory for students in almost all professional disciplines to participate in industrial attachment as a requirement for graduation. The Unit is saddled with the following responsibilities:


       i.        Liaison with the National Universities Commission (NUC) and Industrial Training Fund (ITF) in all matters pertaining to the Students Industrial Work Scheme (SIWES);


     ii.        Preparation of master list and placement list;


    iii.        Placement of students in industries and other establishments;


    iv.        Organising SIWES orientation program for students;


     v.        Visiting and supervising students on industrial training;


    vi.        Coordinating all other industrial training activities such as students' work reports, students' work seminars, general assessment, and payment of industrial allowances; and


   vii.        Fostering effective contact and collaboration between the University and the industries.


To realize the objectives of the scheme, the scheme will work in liaison with industries, government establishments, and relevant institutions such as the National Universities Commission (NUC) and Industrial Training Fund (ITF) in the operation of the scheme.


Students are expected to embark on the SIWES exercise and have a total duration of six months of training.


Finally, I congratulate you and wish you the best in all your SIWES exercises during your studentship.



Dr. A. M. Tiamiyu

Ag. Director, SIWES, UNIMED

University of Medical Sciences

Laje Road, Ondo City, Ondo State, Nigeria. PMB 536. E-mail:
Tel: +234-706-957-3618, +234-905-826-3636, +234-811-295-7770,