Dr. B.F. Akinkunmi


The Department of Paediatrics and Child Health is one of the fundamental Departments in the Faculty of Clinical Sciences and it is located presently inside the Mother & Child Hospital complex in the Medical Village, Ondo with Annex in State Specialist Hospital, Akure and State Specialist Hospital Ondo Town. The Department started in the 2016/2017 academic session with Dr. Rosena Olubanke OLUWAFEMI as the pioneer Acting Head of Department and other competent, scholarly, proficient, team-spirited and result-oriented Academic and Non-academic staff.

The department is basically to teach and mentor the medical students, carry out research and provide clinical services. The Department is also devoted to provide Medical students with the basic knowledge in management of medical and paediatric surgical conditions with more emphasis on tropical diseases, management of common Paediatric emergencies with the aim and objectives of being able to resuscitate the children,  including having good grasp of  laboratory and radiological diagnosis.


i. To introduce the students to the global principles and practice of Paediatrics with particular emphasis on practice in the Tropics.

ii. To equip the student with the cognitive knowledge base, technical skills and clinical judgment to enable them achieve some measure of competence in the practice of Paediatrics

iii. To enable the students have a good working relationship with all those involved in health care delivery especially with respect to maternal and child health, and to appreciate the need for team work.

Specific Objectives

At the end of the course, the student should be able to utilize the skills, and attitude he has acquired to perform the following:

i. Take and record a good history

ii. Carry out a thorough physical examination of a child

iii. Demonstrate common abnormal physical signs and interpret them

iv. Carry out simple side laboratory tests

c. The student’s ability to appreciate the usefulness of the skills he or she has acquired, presupposes a theoretical background to enable him or her:

i. Recognize childhood disease, with particular references to those prevalent in the Nigerian environment

ii. Formulate a reasonable diagnosis based on history and physical examination

iii. Confirm his diagnosis by selecting appropriate investigations

iv. Have a sound knowledge of therapeutics in order to be able to treat his/her patient

v. Manage common paediatric emergencies and know when and where to look for help and refer them safely to the care of a specialist at the right time.


Part III of MBBS Programmes

PAE 501 Introduction to Paediatrics

PAE 502 Child Feeding and Nutrition

PAE 503 Growth and Development

PAE 504 Child Health and Primary Care

PAE 505 Cardiovascular

PAE 506 Respiratory

PAE 507 Genitourinary

PAE 508 Gastroenterology

PAE 509 Endocrine and Metabolic 

PAE 510 The Central Nervous System

PAE 511 Musculo-skeletal System

PAE 512 Diseases of the Haematological System 

PAE 513 Childhood Infections

PAE 514 Genetics and Inborn Errors Metabolism 

PAE 515 Paediatric Oncology 

PAE 516 Neonatology


Dr. B.F. Akinkunmi

Qualification: MBCHB, FWACP(Paed)

Designation: Lecturer I

Prof. J.A Owa

Qualification: MBBS,FMC Paed, FWACP(paed)

Designation: Professor

Dr Rosena O. Oluwafemi

Qualification: MBCHB, MPH, FWACP(Paed)

Designation: Lecturer I

Dr. Tolulope Ogundele

Qualification: MBBS,MPH, FMC(Paed)

Designation: Lecturer I

Dr Olufunke C. Odunlade

Qualification: MBBS, FMC(Paed)

Designation: Lecturer I

Dr  Agnes M. Akinlosotu

Qualification: MBCHB, FMC(Paed)

Designation: Lecturer I


Miss Oladayo Ife-Iji

Qualification: BSc Applied Computing, MSc Management (2016)

Designation: Admin Officer II


Paediatrics Department

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