UNIMED NextGenS Scholarship Scheme

A special Scholarship Scheme to support the development of the next generation of innovation-minded youth scientists.

The UNIMED NextGenS Scholarship is a 3-year initiative, that can then be reviewed. In other words, it will cover admission exercises to be conducted for 2022/23, 2023/24, and 2024/25 academic years and is 4- year tenable for undergraduates and 2-year tenable for PG


1. N100,000 school fees per academic year for students who gain admission into UNIMED in 2022/23 session for Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and selected Biological Courses (Animal & Environmental Biology, Plant Biology and Biotechnology, Environmental Science, and Food Science).

2. The N100,000 fee per year is payable till graduation, provided the student's scores do not fall below 2nd class lower

3. Those graduating with 1st class or  2nd class upper, will receive 50% tuition discount to study Medical Physics, Environmental Physics, Medicinal Chemistry,  Analytical and Environmental Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Health Statistics, and Mathematical Biology at Masters Level

University of Medical Sciences

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