The quality of indigenous health research has also declined in Nigeria over the past two decades, largely due to lack of specific provision for research in the budgets of Universities. Thus, research skills are being increasingly lost in most Nigerian Universities, with the result that the quantum of high quality health research contributed to the international literature by Nigerian academics and institutions have declined over the years. Despite the high burden of disease in Nigeria - maternal and child ill-health, HIV/AIDS, cancers, cardiovascular and renal diseases, etc. - it is worrisome that no Nigerian institution has been able to make significant breakthroughs in finding major innovative solutions and discovering new pathways of prevention and treatment. We envision that UNIMED will be designed from the onset to be a research-driven institution with undergraduate and post-graduate students being provided with skills and knowledge on the rubrics of essential and applied research. Essential facilities will be provided to ensure that research for solving regional challenges in health are conducted using multi-disciplinary and collaborative approaches that involves regional planners and stakeholders to ensure effective translation of research results into products, policies and actions in health care. Various departments of the University will also be linked to their counterparts in high performance Universities around the world to ensure that research methods, and results meet international benchmarks.
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