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Established December 8 2014
For Learning and Community Service
In order to sustain the remarkable achievement made so far, a tertiary medical education programme that will prepare future generations of competent health professionals and provide a stepwise referral system essential for successfully addressing the health needs in the State is being established. The University will function as the apical Centre of research, education and service delivery in health care that will be second to none in the world.
  1. i) Scope and Reach: The University of Medical Sciences, Ondo (abbreviated UNIMED) is sited in Ondo town in Ondo State to address the immediate training, research and service delivery needs of Ondo State and its environs in all aspects of health care. However, right from the onset the institution will be designed as a world-class institution that would focus on addressing the human resource and health care needs of all Nigerian States as well as the entire West and Central African regions. These regions being characterized by high endemicity of infectious and non-communicable diseases, and with the deficit of quality human resource to confront these health challenges, it is only appropriate that a Centre of excellence in training, research and service delivery in the health sciences would evolve to confront the related health problems. Thus, UNIMED is being developed to evolve as a central hub of medical education, training, research and service delivery for the whole of West and Central Africa and indeed, the entire African region. In terms of students' enrolment and staff recruitment, UNIMED will focus on the entire African region, and will also seek collaboration and partnerships with top-ranking health and related institutions in all parts of the world.
  2. ii) Focus on Comprehensive Quality Education in the Medical Sciences: Also, over the years the quality of undergraduate training in Medicine and Allied courses has declined largely due to lack of adequate equipment and resources for training. The number of students per University often outstrips the available equipment, resources and staff. It is therefore not surprising that many students requiring quality undergraduate and post-graduate education often travel abroad, the majority of whom remain in the country where they trained and never return to the country. To address this problem, UNIMED will provide state-of-the-art resources for training, which would be comparable to those available in more developed parts of the world.
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