Dear students,

I warmly welcome you to the Faculty of Clinical Sciences website. Founded in 2015, the University of Medical Sciences (UNIMED), Ondo City, is the first specialized medical school in Nigeria. In record time, our university has earned full accreditation from the National Universities Commission for the medicine and surgery degree program.


Collectively with the Faculties of Science, Basic Medical Science, and Basic Clinical Science, the Faculty of Clinical Science trains medical students to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to become highly competitive medical doctors. Through a sequence of quality clinical postings, our students learn skills and attitudes that prepare them to function in a health system at the primary, secondary, and tertiary level of care.


Our caring faculty and staff constitute a remarkable team. And they are available to clarify and put in place your values and principles. But as talented as our faculty and staff are, we realize that you will need to play the most significant role in your development into an engaged global citizen. The experience is demanding and eminently rewarding as you follow your curiosity and passion for exploring new things, you will encounter different points of views and discover your capabilities.




Dr. Joseph I. Fatukasi MBBS, FMCR, & FWACS, M.Sc.




The MBBS program aims to be a mix of the traditional curriculum with that of an integrated training, spanning 5 years of basic medical and clinical sciences targeting local disease pattern and preventive medicine with adequate knowledge of disease pattern in other regions of the world.

The following educational methods will be employed in achieving the above objectives:

·         Didactic lectures and demonstrations/observations

·         Interactive lectures

·         Self-directed, problem based small group learning

·         Tutorials and group discussions

·         Departmental and inter-departmental seminars

·         Bedside teaching

·         Ward and grand rounds

·         Clinico-pathologic conferences and workshops

·         Reading assignments

·         Group assignments

·         Simulated/Standardised patients, anatomic models, mannequins

·         Role-play and role models

·         Community-based practice

·         Attendance at clinics and operating theatre sessions

·         Departmental call duty hours and hospital accident/emergency duties

·         Computer-programmed learning and audiovisual reviews


Parts III & IV of Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree program.

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