Okunlola, Oluyemi Adewole
B.Sc, M.Sc.
Senior Academic Planning Officer

Academic Planning Unit UNIMED




Vision Statement

To systematically guide the University in the development of academic programs whose contents and students are globally competitive.


Mission Statement

§  To ensure that established programs meet the minimum requirements prescribed by the different regulatory Agencies.

§  To regularly monitor and evaluate the teaching-learning processes as a way of sustaining the standard.

§  To encourage the University periodically to provide the requisite resources where desirable, as the way and of promoting/enhancing and maintaining academic excellence.


Core Values

§  Uniqueness: This is the first University in Nigeria devoted to medical and allied sciences; therefore, only approved programs would be run and would  be based on recommended guidelines by the regulatory agencies.


§  Nobility: In spite of the status of the University in Nigeria, the unit shall adopt a participatory approach in its operations and relationships with other units and departments.


§  Integrity: The unit shall ensure that the data and other documents to be published shall be based on verifiable facts to enhance and sustain the integrity of the University.



§  Mediation: By the nature of our task, we shall act as a liaison between the University and all regulatory agencies on academic matters.


§  Excellence: The unit shall insist on academic excellence by ensuring that the minimum resource requirements for programs to be evolved and operate are available at all times.


  • Diligence: The unit shall diligently perform its tasks in order to ensure the realization of the envisioned globally academic excellence of the institution.

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