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Ayeni Oluwasegun Elijah

The Occupational Therapy Department of University of Medical Sciences is the first full-fledged Occupational Therapy Department in Nigeria with both national and international accreditation from relevant professional and educational bodies. And as the first, we are committed to producing competent, qualified and highly skilled Occupational Therapists who can compete in the field of Medical Rehabilitation on a global Level for functional restoration of patients with any medical and surgical conditions amenable to Occupational Therapy.


The Occupational Therapy programme was designed to equip students in all specializations pertaining to Occupational Therapy which include Paediatrics, Neurology, Orthopeadics, Community Rehabilitation, Vocational Rehabilitation and Mental Health. As the need for Occupational Therapists increase by the day at the global level, the department is positioned through teaching and research to meet this rising demand of Occupational Therapists. Our curriculum provides practical demonstration of qualitative, hands-on and translational evidence-based knowledge for our students that is able to transform them as practitioners.


The programme is designed as a 5-year programme; one-year Basic Science, two years Preclinical and two years of Clinical studies. Between the preclinical and clinical years, students are opened to vacational posting in any accredited hospitals with standard Occupational Therapy facility for clinical exposure and training to further equip them in the profession. The graduates of this programme are sure laced with recent trends in the field of Occupational Therapy that made them stand out among their peers in patient management and multidisciplinary teamwork alongside other members of the health team.


As the first department of Occupational Therapy in Nigeria, we take pride in the array of seasoned and World Class Teachers, Practitioners and Researchers in the field of Occupational Therapy within and Outside Nigeria. It is on this note that I, on behalf of the department, WELCOME you to the Occupational Therapy Department and collectively, we are saying:



Best Regards,

Ayeni Oluwasegun Elijah, BMR(OT), MSc.PH

Ag. Head

To be a nationally and internationally recognized centre of excellence in the training of Occupational Therapy students who will be sufficiently empowered to;


i)            Provide Occupational Therapy services in the health care sector academic and the community;


ii)          Carry out quality research and developmental activities as a means to promote knowledge, patients’ care and professional enhancement;



iii)         Acquire, develop and maintain rapport with professional colleagues, patients, their relatives and members of the health care team; and


iv)         Acquire knowledge in health policies, health management, global health issues and socio-cultural health issues.

NAME: Jejelaye Anthony Oluwaseun
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NAME: Edward Joyce Funmilayo
DESIGNATION: Data Entry Clerk
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NAME: Ayeni Oluwasegun Elijah
DESIGNATION: Graduate Assistant
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