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Owolawi Wahab Oyedele

I am honoured to welcome you to the department of Audiology and Speech-Language Therapy of the University of Medical Sciences (UNIMED), Ondo-City, Ondo-State, Nigeria.


Audiology and Speech-Language Therapy are twin-related but independent disciplines and they are very new as courses in Medical/Health related institutions in Nigeria. UNIMED is the first institution to anchor these two programmes in its faculty of Medical Rehabilitation.


National and global relevance of these two courses cannot be over-emphasized, considering the prevalence level of those with hearing and speech-language impairment.


Hearing and balance disorders (vertigo) constitute a major area of focus in audiology. Tinnitus (ringing in the ear) is equally a major aspect of audiology curriculum.


It is no doubt that hearing loss and other related impairments have a major impact on the quality of life. Students of audiology will learn how to assess, evaluate, diagnose and treat/rehabilitate these impairments. Prevention of hearing loss through advocacy, community, school and industrial hearing screening is within the scope of study in audiology.


As a qualified audiologist, there is room to be an independent audiology practitioner after registration with the professional body which is Nigerian Audiology Association and certification by government regulating board (Medical Rehabilitation Therapist Board of Nigeria). A graduate of audiology is privileged to work in a hospital/clinical settings-some of the professionals to collaborate with as a hearing specialist (audiologist) are Otorhinolaryngologist (ENT), Paediatricians, Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Geneticist, Occupational Physicians, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Speech-Language Therapists/Pathologists, Teachers of the Hearing Impaired etc. Different specializations exist at a post-graduate level viz. Neonatal/Paediatric audiology, Geriatric audiology, Hearing aid audiology, Research audiology, Noise/occupational audiology, Educational audiology, Rehabilitation audiology, Surgical (Cochlea Implants) audiology etc.


Those who choose to go the route of Speech-Language Therapy (SLT) will undergo a rigorous academic and clinical training in the assessment, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of stuttering (stammering) dysphagia (swallowing disorders) Aphasia/Dysphasia, Dysarthria, Cleft palate/lip speech, articulation errors, autistic spectrum disorders, voice disorders etc.


All students will receive training from renowned professors who have record of accomplishment in teaching, research as well as clinical experience from across the globe.


I welcome you once again to our unique department.


Prof. Wahab Oyedele Owolawi,

Head of Department.

At the end of the five –year educational programme audiology graduate will be able to:

    I.      discuss the anatomy, physiology and pathophysiological concepts related to auditory and vestibular or oto-neurologically-related disease causation, ill- health, and the basic principles of audiological battery of tests, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

  ii.        select the appropriate therapeutic modality during the care of patient.

 iii. demonstrate the rationale behind the choice of therapeutic modalities in rehabilitating patients with hearing impairment and/or vestibular disorder.

 iv.        participate in the decisions of a health care team with respect to the design of a total rehabilitation programme including the initiation and discontinuation of therapy.

  v. identify the limitations, indications and contra-indications of audiology.

 vi.  appreciate the inter-relationship between medical, psychosocial, economic and cultural factors affecting the patient with hearing deficit.

vii.  operate the various types of equipment used in Audiology.

viii.     identify the role of the Audiologist in health care, and in other settings such as schools, industries and rehabilitation centres.

 ix.      demonstrate an appreciation of ethical and professional responsibilities of Audiology professionals.

  x.        participate in research work in the field of Audiology.

 xi.        assess and analyze community health needs involving hearing impairment.

xii.    apply basic principles of evidence-based practice in audiology.

xiii. acquire the necessary proficiency and enough managerial skills to practice and also manage audiology clinic either in Nigeria or abroad.

NAME: Elemukan Sunday Isaiah
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NAME: Owolawi Wahab Oyedele
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NAME: Ademola-sokoya Grace Agbonmeire
QUALIFICATION: B.Ed,M.Ed,European Clinical Specialization(ECSF)
DESIGNATION: Senior Leturer
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NAME: Ayeni Blessing Aina
DESIGNATION: Senior Clerical Officer
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NAME: Ogunniyi Grace Modupeola
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NAME: Ikong Michael Agbu
DESIGNATION: Assistant Lecturer
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NAME: James Ruth Oluwadunni
DESIGNATION: Assistant Lecturer
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