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  1. Faculty Development:

Provision of expertise and conducting trainings in health professions and biomedical education at institutional, national and international levels.


  1. Assessment and Quality Assurance:

Monitoring and assessing the quality of teaching and the effectiveness, efficiency and feasibility of student learning as well as monitoring compliance of programmes with accreditation requirements and best practices for optimal learning outcomes.


  1. Curriculum Development, Review and Assessment:

Facilitating prompt curriculum development that complies with global best standards and supporting regular, periodic curriculum review at institutional level and beyond.


  1. Evidence-Generation and -Utilization:

Catalyzing and fostering a culture of educational research and evidence utilization, and promoting further establishment and expansion of health professions education as a scientific field of study.



  1. Development of Teaching Resources:

Supporting optimal teaching and learning through the development of innovative and engaging learning resources.


6.   Management of UNIMED’s Specialized Educational Facilities:

Operationalisation and day-to-day management of the Simulation and Clinical Skills Centres, the audio-visual studios and other specialized education facilities of the University.


7.   Provision of Technical Support:

Provision of technical advice and support to academic Units and the University leadership on provision of relevant learning and teaching facilities as well as curricula development, review and delivery and other activities that will contribute to optimal teaching and learning.



8.   Networking and Partnership-building:  

Establishing local, national, regional and international linkages and building partnerships to foster the development of health professions and biomedical education in UNIMED and beyond.



9.   Other responsibilities:  

Undertaking other activities and responsibilities relevant to its vision and missions as directed and/or approved by the University leadership.

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