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Dr. Woleola Julius Ekundayo
B.Ed., MBA,Ph.D





Tel: 080-307-872-55




i.             To provide exceptional and quality services that will assist the University in all academic-related activities.


ii.            To have an effective database for students’ records.



iii.           To ensure the prompt provision of all information needed to assist the Senate in performing its statutory duties.


iv.          To ensure prompt follow up actions on all Senate’s decisions as they affect Faculties, Departments, and Individuals on behalf of the Registrar.



v.            To ensure expeditious processing of student transcripts and certificates for graduates of the University.


             Divisions and Duties:

             A.    Senate Matters

i.             Acts as the secretariat of all meetings of Senate.


ii.            Prepares the draft agenda, minutes of meeting and other Senate papers for the consideration of the Business Committee of Senate.



iii.           Prepares and circulates the folders and papers for Senate meetings.


iv.          Records the proceedings of meetings and communicates all decisions of Senate to all concerned members.



           B.    Admissions Unit

i.             Liaises on behalf of the Registrar and the University with JAMB on all matters relating to admissions.


ii.            Makes all necessary arrangements for the conduct of the Post-UTME screening exercise in the University.



iii.           Compiles list of all recommended candidates to JAMB for approval.


iv.          Signs on behalf of the Registrar, admission letters for all candidates admitted to the University after Senate’s approval.



         C.    Examinations and Records Unit

i.             Liaises with the Timetable Committee for the preparation of the lecture and examination timetable.


ii.            Presents the timetable on behalf of the Registrar for the consideration and approval of Senate.



iii.           Circulates the approved timetable for the attention of staff and students in all Faculties, Departments, and Units.


iv.          Prepares registration forms to capture students’ bio-data and other relevant information.



v.            Collates all registration forms and verifies the authentication of O level results presented by students.


vi.          Keeps student’s records in both soft and hard copies.


        vii.   Prepares sessional results and academic transcripts for students on request

University of Medical Sciences

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